Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle recognised in Newgrounds “Best of November 2020” list

NEWGROUNDS, 7th December 2020 — Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle’s free first chapter has been recognised in the site’s list of best games of November 2020:

This recognition, voted for by a subset of the site’s community, picked out NALE’s first chapter from a field of ~25 titles.

The position carries with it a prize of $100. Given the proximity to Christmas, the 2020 pandemic’s stark reminder of the value of videogames in peoples’ lives, and that this was an unexpected windfall, TSS have chosen to donate this money to SpecialEffect.

NALE’s first chapter, which had previously only been playable on, was brought to Newgrounds by Tanuki-sama Studios on November 10th, 2020, and in that time, the game has earned ~14,000 views, ~200 favourites and a >4-star rating.

TSS would like to thank Newgrounds staff & community for this recognition.

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