“Eagle” passes 100 user-review mark with a 5-star rating

ITCH.IO, DECEMBER 16th 2020 — Tanuki-sama Studios’ Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, the first part of the NALE game series, has passed 100 user reviews while maintaining a 5-star user rating.

“This milestone represents the goodwill that NALE’s fans have shown the game’s first chapter since its release,” creator Ethan Fox has said. “It’s really humbling to see the reviews as they’ve come in.”

NALE Chapter 1 also has a >4-star rating on Newgrounds, as well as 5-star ratings for its second and third chapters at time of writing.

About Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle is a successful series of anime-themed Visual Novel/Graphic Adventure games, distributed via itch.io.

Players assume the role of the titular Nina Aquila, a defense attorney, in a succession of cases, each based upon a popular anime genre, while investigating a larger story of corruption & capital crime.

Veteran voice actor Rachael Messer (Azur Lane, Goblin Slayer, Forgotten Anne) provides the voice of Nina Aquila, the protagonist.

NALE’s first three chapters currently have 5-star ratings in over 150 reviews, and have frequently topped the charts on itch.io for various categories, and placed in the top 10 for the “visual novel” category, rubbing shoulders with genre staples such as Doki Doki Literature Club.

Currently 3 chapters are available, and future chapters are planned. Chapter I is completely free, and can be played right now at…Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle
Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle is an anime-themed VN/graphic adventure game, in which you step into the shoes of a rookie…tanuki-sama-studios.itch.io

About Tanuki-sama Studios

Tanuki-sama Studios is a Brighton, UK-based developer-publisher of indie titles, typically with an anime-inspired theme.

TSS was founded in November 2020 by indie developer Ethan Fox, initially tasked with handling the wider release of Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, after it became clear that the game’s success merited the formation of a studio to support ongoing development.

The studio is currently working on additional content for NALE, with a mission to develop & publish more titles in the future.

TSS’s website is located here:Tanuki-sama Studios
TSS develops & publishes indie games, typically with a strong anime-inspired aesthetic, pitched at the anime fan…tanukisama.com

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