Fan-Art & Fan Content Submission Policy

As a general rule, as TSS produces commercial projects, we pay our artists and other contributors for their work. However, from time-to-time, TSS may request fans to contribute content to our projects, and this page explains our policy in these situations.

(1) By submitting fan-art or similar content in response to one of our requests, you allow us to use it in a product as well as any future release in a similar context, without needing to renew your permission.

(2) Our games, unless we state otherwise, are commercial products in which you’re permitting your submission to be featured, “gratis”, without expectation of recompense. This only covers their use in the manner stated as part of the submission; i.e. if your asset was to be used in-game, we would not sell that piece of art on merch without later consultation. You remain the owner of the piece of work for this purpose, i.e. you get to choose whether we can use the work in other contexts.

(3) We will credit all submissions to a degree considered reasonable, e.g. in game credits or on gallery screens.

(4) You retain the right to ask us to remove the images or assets after release; however, you must understand that this may be difficult/impossible under some circumstances. We will, in good faith, do this *where possible*, but you aksi accept that this may not be in a timely manner.

Lastly, these terms are subject to review, and any policy of a similar nature which comes after this date may invalidate these points.

This policy is correct as of the 5th of June 2021.

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