TSS’s review policies

TSS wants players to be able to trust the testimonials and reviews that are posted about our titles.

To this end, we holds ourselves to a high standard regarding review ethics.

No review incentives

TSS does not incentivise players for reviews, nor do we provide reviews for paid/gift-based incentives; please do not get in contact with enquiries of this nature, as they will be flatly refused.

Provision of review codes & copies

TSS will, at times, provide free codes to reviewers, let’s-players & streamers with the intent that the recipients will produce some kind of review, stream or content (though this is just a verbal, non-binding agreement).

In the case of reviews, specifically, TSS encourage reviewers to state that a free code was provided, for transparency (except for on platforms such as Steam, where this information is displayed automatically).

Review exchange policy

TSS will not perform “review exchanges” with other developers.

Please do not contact TSSS with requests of this nature, as they will be flatly refused.

Separation of reviews & editorial

TSS regard reviews as primarily for readers/consumers, as opposed to being a resource for developers. To this end, we will not produce editorial that negatively focuses on specific reviews, or enter into personal discussion over reviews or individual reviewers.

TSS will only comment publicly, in a negative manner, on reviews that are factually false in an entirely unambiguous way, or libellous/defamatory. However this will typically occur after attempts to resolve this in private have proved unsuccessful.

Please do not ask TSS staff to discuss the content of reviews, positive or negative, at interview, such as on a podcast. We will discuss reviews in general terms but will not talk about individual reviews.

These policies are subject to change

TSS will review these policies over time, and they are subject to change.

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