We need your help to add Anya and Tawny busts to NINA AQUILA: LEGAL EAGLE, SEASON ONE v5!

Since the release of NINA AQUILA: LEGAL EAGLE, SEASON ONE on Steam on July 9th, we’ve been absolutely blown away by the response from the community – so many streams, tweets, reviews… But also, feedback. One of its major enhancements over prior episodic releases of the game were the character busts of Nina, Dylan and Chad, and you people said you wanted more! But we need YOUR help to make that possible.

Version 5 of the game (the released version is v4) is intended to go out in November. It’s our intent that this update will contain a number of improvements, such as native Linux support, running on an upgraded framework for better performance, and a range of smaller fixes like addressing some typos that slipped through the net on the first release.

However, the biggest change we intend to make is to add busts of Anya Miller & Judge Tawny to the game!

Left-to-right – sketch of Anya, final image of Nina, sketch of Judge Tawny, final image of Chad
These Anya & Tawny images are just initial sketches, but we wanted to give a little preview!

These will include all three of Anya’s outfits (regular clothes, prison jumpsuit and catgirl attire) as well as Judge Tawny in her traditional judge’s robes, and will be completed in a similar style to the Nina, Chad & Dylan busts already present in-game.

These are made by a new artist, working under the guidance from our prior Nina/Chad bust artist, @Koahri1.

Why do you need help?

As always with additional art, the biggest obstacle for NALE is cost; we need to pay for these assets to go into the game.

NINA AQUILA: LEGAL EAGLE, SEASON ONE on Steam has made $1115 in revenue to-date, which means we beat our revenue target of $1000 (the budget we spent to get the game ready for release), and had some additional funds to help offset some of our costs. However, we’re at a point now where we’ve made pretty much 0$. We’re “cost neutral”.

Although we’re really happy that we managed to do this, it makes it difficult for us to afford additional features or assets for updates.

NALE has never previously accepted donations. We don’t run a Patreon. We wanted players to be able to support the game by buying the game, so you (and us!) have certainty, when you’re giving us money, that you’re going to get what’s promised.

This is the first time we’ve ever tried to crowdfund anything for the project, but we’re hoping fans are okay with doing this because the end goal is so specific and quantifiable. We hope you’ll be up for this chance to support us and make a tangible improvement to the game (and because we know some of you really love Anya & Tawny’s characters, and have voiced that you’d like to see busts of them).

How do I help?

In order to help pay for this, we’re trying to raise $500 from the community to cover some of the costs of the busts for Anya & Tawny.

You can help us in several ways.

From now until September 30th 2021, all revenue from NALE will go towards this target.

If we hit the target, that means we get the bust set for Anya & Tawny; if we go beyond the target, then we’ll look into adding more characters or some other art improvement. If we miss the target, we’ll still channel the money into NALE art – potentially just doing one character, or some other similar purpose that will improve v5.

To break it down, this means you can do any of the following to contribute:

  • Donate via our Ko-Fi page
  • Buy NINA AQUILA: LEGAL EAGLE, SEASON ONE on Steam if you haven’t already
  • Buy NINA AQUILA: LEGAL EAGLE, SEASON ONE as a gift on Steam for someone else
  • Buy any merch on the NALE Teepublic store

We would really love it if fans considered the “Steam gift” option above, because this is great for twofold reasons – firstly, it contributes to the goal, but it also introduces NALE to whoever you give the gift!

Fans will be able to see our progress towards the goal over on Ko-Fi. The goal auto-magically ticks up when people donate via Ko-Fi, but we’ll also manually edit it to include the support via the other methods above. We’ll also periodically post progress on Twitter.

At present it looks like this:

So we have 7 weeks to raise $500. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading this, and if you’re in a position to contribute, it’d be fantastic if you could help us out. But if you’ve read this far, whether you donate or not, we hope you’re enjoying the Steam release and continue to enjoy it with the upcoming v5!

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