[Press Release] Indie “Eagle” smashes crowdfunding goal in less than a week

BRIGHTON, UK: Indie developer Tanuki-sama Studios are proud to share that their community have smashed their latest crowdfunding goal just days after launch!

Tanuki-sama Studios (TSS), the creators of the award-winning Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle franchise, asked their community to help crowdfund part of the budget for a piece of key art to pair with the acclaimed Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Season One (available on Windows, Linux & Steam Deck via Steam & Itchio).

Preview of the image being created as a result of the crowdfunding campaign

TSS has successfully produced its games on a budget raised incrementally through creating successively more ambitious products, buoyed by support from their community. This string of successes led to the creation of Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Season One – a title that has, on multiple occasions, held the top spot in several prestigious categories on itchio, and won the “Best of November 2020” award on Newgrounds.

Recently, fans stepped up to help fund several parts of TSS’ projects, including an upcoming key art image to be used as part of the game’s PR materials. This latest campaign challenged the community to raise $350 in one month, via sales of Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Season One (on Itch and Steam), merchandise through TSS’s TeePublic store, or direct donations via Ko-Fi. Through their efforts, TSS’ goal was surpassed in just under a week!

As the initiative earned over its $350 goal before this announcement, and due to recent events, TSS will be making a donation to the British Red Cross’s Ukraine appeal with the excess funds.

TSS and our fans are excited to see the upcoming results of this work, commissioned from the fantastically talented NiahtiArt. They invite fans to keep an eye on their social channels to see the result:

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Step into court as Nina Aquila, rookie lawyer, in a world where all anime genres exist at once!

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle is a series of courtroom-adventure games, in which players step into the shoes of the titular proudly plus-size protagonist. In each chapter, Nina finds herself representing the defendant in an anime genre-themed court case, with contexts as diverse as cosplay, card games and illegal downhill auto racing!

As Nina, players investigate crime scenes and individuals for clues, often participating in minigames to uncover evidence. Finally, players go to court to defend their client against accusations of capital crime!

Meet a vibrant cast of characters (including anime-industry regular Rachael Messer providing utterances for Nina)!

Enjoy a fun, comedic tone, shored up by a variety of accessibility features!

With a 5-star rating in over 150 reviews on indie gaming service Itch.io, a “best of November 2020” award from Newgrounds and a Positive rating on Steam, Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle is a homegrown hit!

About Rachael Messer

Rachael is an industry veteran, recently voicing Enterprise in Funimation’s Azur Lane dub. She has a long history of dub roles in both anime & videogames, including Paladins, Warframe, Akashic Records, Princess Principal, Knight’s & Magic, A Centaur’s Life, Infinite Dendogram and the remake of System Shock.

Ethan originally contacted Rachael after hearing her performance as the protagonist in Forgotten Anne, by Square-Enix, believing her voice would be perfect for the role.

About Tanuki-sama Studios

Tanuki-sama Studios is an indie videogame developer, based in the UK, owned and managed by the solo developer Ethan Fox, who came to the Visual Novel space from a Kindle author background.

Ethan’s games draw upon his past experiences living in Japan, as well as a lifelong love of anime & manga. Lately, he is watching 86: Eighty Six and My Dress-up Darling.

NALE was conceived as a way to create a narrative experience that has plotting, pacing and direction similar to that of watching an anime show, as well as serving as a homage to multiple anime genres. TSS’s ambition is to see NALE realised as a fully-fledged anime production.


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