Key Art Reveal! Check out Nina & co like you’ve never seen them before!

Several months ago, we asked you, our community, to help us solve a problem. NINA AQUILA: LEGAL EAGLE, SEASON ONE needed a “key art” image; a high quality piece of media to go front-and-centre when we’re introducing the game to new people, or in press-releases.

Through sales of the game and a limited crowdfunding appeal, you raised the budget that would allow us to commission a piece of art for this purpose, as well as being a fantastic bit of NALE art that fans could enjoy.

After an extensive selection process, we worked closely with NiahtiArt over on Twitter to produce the piece, which we can finally unveil below!

Expect to see this in various forms as part of the game’s branding in the near future, and thanks again for all your help! And if you’re just finding out about the game, check out the links below!

Also, fans should be aware that we’re looking into offering a line of prints of this image! Not sure on the ETA for that as we’re assessing the various suppliers etc., but make sure you follow us over on Twitter if you don’t want to miss out!

NINA AQUILA: LEGAL EAGLE, SEASON ONE is now available for both Windows & Linux,
on Steam (with Steam Deck support!) and!
Step into court in a world where all anime genres exist at once!


From Start to Finish

For this image, we wanted to incorporate the wider cast of the game, which would include Anya, pensive and ever in thought; Chad Hawke, Nina’s courtroom rival; the enigmatic LIVEWIRE; Judge Tawny, Nina Aquila herself and of course, Nina’s secretary Dylan Merlo.

These sorts of “cast images” are pretty common in VNs, anime and JRPGs, so we felt it was time NALE had something similar.

Naturally we started with a sketch, and I thought fans might be interested in seeing how this progressed. Honestly Niahiti pretty much nailed the concept immediately; we only needed some minor revisions on the way to the final image.

We hope fans love the image just as much as we do!

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