PRESSKIT — Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Chapter IV: “Sacred Feathers”

“Step into court as Nina Aquila, rookie lawyer and bona fide legal eagle, in a world where all anime genres exist at once!”

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle is a series of hybrid courtroom drama/adventure indie videogames, with strong anime theming, made by Tanuki-sama Studios.

The previous Steam release, Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Season One contained Chapters I, II and III, and this new release is a stand-alone game containing Chapter IV, themed around the “magical girl” anime genre.

This presskit will continue to evolve until the game is complete; if there’s something specific you need please email tanukisamastudios AT gmail DOT com for support.

Key Links

If providing a link for players to find out more, we would appreciate if people link to the Steam page, and ask players to FOLLOW the game.

Style Guide, Terminology & Visual Assets

Styled in text as:

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Chapter IV: “Sacred Feathers”

Abbreviated as:

NALEC4 or in context, Chapter IV




Key Art & Character Assets


(to be added)

Game Description

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Chapter IV: “Sacred Feathers” follows on from the events of Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Season One, and offers a similar set of features.

Plus-size protagonist Nina Aquila [VA: Rachael Messer] operates as a Defense Attorney and the proprietor of her business, Aquila Defense & Law. Together with her office manager, Dylan Merlo, in each Chapter, the pair take up a case to represent a defendant who stands accused of a major crime.

Each Chapter is based around a different anime theme or genre; Chapter IV is heavily themed around the “Magical Girl” genre.

Players INVESTIGATE the circumstances of the crime in the manner of a top-down adventure game, searching for evidence and meeting witnesses to progress the story.

Players PARTICIPATE in various events as part of their investigation. This typically includes mini-games that are themed around the premise of each chapter.

Players DEFEND their client in court, using the evidence they have discovered, with the ultimate aim of proving their innocence.

In-and-around these events in each case, the games tell a larger story that connects Nina’s past to wider events going on within Fledge City (the game’s primary setting), as she seeks to exonerate her mentor, Anya Miller, who is currently imprisoned for the murder of her protege, Sandra Ortega.

Additionally, the games have various features to improve accessibility; these include “never-lose” difficulty settings for minigames (e.g. a setting which makes the player invulnerable) and no gameplay requirements that hinge upon twitch skill, considerations for users with colourblindness and options to reduce “visual intensity” that can help those who find excessive flashing images distressing.

Chapter IV offers players a completely new chapter of the story, approximately 4 hours in length, in which players will visit numerous new locations and meet new characters. It will build upon the narrative threads laid out in Chapters 1-3 and challenge players with a new experience relevant to the Magical Girl theme of the chapter.

About Rachael Messer

Rachael is an anime VA industry veteran. She has a long history of dub roles in both anime & videogames, including Paladins, Warframe, Akashic Records, Princess Principal, Knight’s & Magic, A Centaur’s Life, Infinite Dendogram and the remake of System Shock.

Ethan originally contacted Rachael after hearing her performance as the protagonist in Forgotton Anne, by Square-Enix, believing her voice would be perfect for the role.

About Tanuki-sama Studios

Tanuki-sama Studios is an indie videogame developer, based in the UK, owned and managed by the solo developer Ethan Fox, who came to the Visual Novel space from a Kindle author background.

Ethan’s games draw upon his past experiences living in Japan, as well as a lifelong love of anime & manga.

NALE was conceived as a way to create a narrative experience that has plotting, pacing and direction similar to that of watching an anime show, as well as serving as a homage to multiple anime genres.

Contact & Further Info

Ethan Fox can be contacted at tanukisamastudios AT gmail DOT com. Press enquiries are particularly welcome over the few weeks before/after release.

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