[Press Release] “OBJECTION! Step into court in a world where all anime genres exist at once, in NINA AQUILA: LEGAL EAGLE, SEASON ONE!”

Contact: Ethan Fox, Tanuki-sama Studios
tanukisamastudios AT gmail.com

OBJECTION! Step into court in a world where all anime genres exist at once, in NINA AQUILA: LEGAL EAGLE, SEASON ONE!

Play the game on Steam, starting July 9th !

STEAM, June 5th, 2021, 14:30 PDT – Tanuki-sama Studios are proud to announce the Steam release of…

A hybrid VN/graphic adventure game,
which will release on STEAM


at 6pm PDT, July 9th , 2021
For $8.99 (15% discount in release week!)

The game’s Steam page opened today, and TSS are inviting players to wishlist the game, after more than 3 years of episodic development, and prior releases on itch.io (maintaining a ★★★★★-rating in >200 user reviews) and Newgrounds (where the game won a monetary prize in the “Best of November 2020” category).

Already with tens of thousands of players across the globe, 2021 is the year NALE crests a wider audience, leading to this new, enhanced release, which includes ~10 hours of content across the three existing chapters:

First Flight, where players step into court as Nina and defend a cosplayer accused
of arson

Broken Wings, where players defend a client accused of killing the world-
champion at a “collect-and-battle” anime themed card gaming event

Legal Stage, where players take to the mountains and race to get to the bottom of
a deadly mystery, with just a touch of deja vu

… as well as new content, such as an art gallery, music test, a free-roam mode, along with a gigantic overhaul to the game’s audiovisual presentation, with much-improved character art and so much more! This Steam release is truly the definitive version of NALE.


“NALE” is a hybrid of visual novel and graphic adventure game. Players…

Investigate crime scenes, search for clues and interview witnesses from a top-down perspective

Participate in minigames, such as battling and turn-based racing to uncover evidence

Defend their client in court in a manner inspired by the Ace Attorney and Danganronpa games

The game is developed by Tanuki-sama Studios, and was created developed, written and scripted entirely by sole developer Ethan Fox, with commissioned art & music from various sources.

About Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle is a successful series of anime-themed Visual Novel/Graphic Adventure games. As Nina, players assume the role of a defense attorney in a succession of cases, each based upon a popular anime genre, while investigating a larger story of corruption & capital crime.

Veteran voice actor Rachael Messer (Azur Lane, Goblin Slayer, Forgotten Anne) provides the voice of Nina Aquila, the protagonist.

NALE’s 3 episodic chapters on itch.io have 5-star ratings in >200 reviews, and have frequently topped the charts on itch.io for various categories, and placed in the top 10 for the “visual novel” category, rubbing shoulders with genre staples such as Doki Doki Literature Club.

Additionally, NALE’s first chapter was voted for a monetary prize in “Best of November 2020” on Newgrounds.

NALE’s flagship release is its new, enhanced Steam version, NINA AQUILA: LEGAL EAGLE, SEASON ONE, which will launch on July 9 th 2021.

About Rachael Messer

Rachael is an industry veteran, recently voicing Enterprise in Funimation’s Azur Lane dub. She has a long history of dub roles in both anime & videogames, including Paladins, Warframe, Akashic Records, Princess Principal, Knight’s & Magic, A Centaur’s Life, Infinite Dendogram and the upcoming System Shock.

Ethan originally contacted Rachael after hearing her performance as the protagonist in Forgotten Anne, by Square-Enix, believing her voice would be perfect for the role.

About Tanuki-sama Studios

Tanuki-sama Studios is an indie videogame developer, based in the UK, owned and managed by the solo developer Ethan Fox, who came to the Visual Novel space from a Kindle author background.

Ethan’s games draw upon his past experiences living in Japan, as well as a lifelong love of anime & manga. This season, he is watching Fruits Basket and To Your Eternity.

NALE was conceived as a way to create a narrative experience that has plotting, pacing and direction similar to that of watching an anime show, as well as serving as a homage to multiple anime genres. TSS’s ambition is to see NALE realised as a fully-fledged anime production.

Useful Links

 NALE website: https://nina-aquila.com/
 TSS website: https://tanukisama.com/
 NALE on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NinaAquilaGame
 Rachael Messer: https://www.rachaelmesser.com/

Additional assets (images, copy etc.) can be provided upon request; please contact via the email in page 1 header

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