We need your help to create a new piece of Key Art!

We’re starting a funding drive to produce a new piece of of Key Art for Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, and to raise the budget, we ask for your help!

Following on from some recent discussions with members of the press, it’s been brought to our attention that one of the things that Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle lacks is a piece of attractive “key art”, which serves several purposes:

  • It tends to be the first thing people see, and sets the tone for the game
  • It’s used by journalists and the like to provide a point-of-reference; an image around which they can build stories about the game
  • It’s an awesome piece of art for fans to enjoy, that shows off NALE’s characters; (potentially we may even sell canvases on the merch store, if we can arrange that)

These sorts of images are very common for adventure games and VNs; the banner image above shows a bunch of examples from different famous games and shows.

Up until now, we haven’t had one of these pieces, because they’re expensive to commission. Instead, we’ve been using this:

… and variants of it. It’s done the job, but it’s potentially one of the reasons that we’ve never had mainstream media coverage of the game, and we’re hoping to fix that.

The image we’re going to commission will be similar to these examples…

… and feature Nina, Dylan, Anya, Chad, Judge Tawny and LIVEWIRE.

We’re still working to find the artist, and we’re part-funding it with sales of NALE up until this point, but based on the quotes we’ve already received, we’re asking the community to help raise $350 to add to this within the next 4 weeks.

This will run from the 18th of February to the 18th of March 2022.

If we hit the target, we’ll close the drive. On the chance we over-shoot before we’re able to do that, we will donate the remainder to a suitable charity. We haven’t decided who, as of yet, but typically we focus on those which present videogames as a force for good in the world.

How can I help?

If you’re able to help out, you click one of the following links:

  • Buy NALE over on Steam or Itchio (existing owners, consider gifting a copy to a friend!)
  • Donate to our Ko-Fi
  • Buy any items from the merch store

These methods are all equal; all of the support goes into the same pot.

How close are you?

We’ll be using the goal bar on the Ko-Fi page to show current progress (we can add stuff to the goal that wasn’t donated via Ko-Fi too), so check that link to see how close we are!

Thanks for your interest! And check out the links above to get involved!

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